Woman insists her dog Sheeba loves her purple and blue highlights

A mum has defended her decision to give her dog purple and blue highlights – insisting that her pup absolutely loves her look. Though some people have accused 61-year-old Renae Crevalle of cruelty, she says her Chinese-crested dog Sheeba loves her style. According to Renae, Sheeba has even become internet famous. Renae, who manages dog grooming parlour Suds ‘N Scissors Inc near her home in Carmel, California, USA, said: ‘She’s an internet sensation and when I have Sheeba with me, what should be a two minute stroll down to the beach takes an hour, as so many people stop to stroke her or say hello.’ Renae first started trying elaborate tints on Sheeba’s fur five years ago, for the American Independence Day celebrations on 4 July.

Sheeba relaxing by the pool at the Ritz Carlton Hotel(Collect/PA Real Life)

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    gino gambara 3 years ago

    I had my hair once exactly of this colour…

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