Woman fined after walking husband on a lead and telling police he was a dog

A woman has been fined for breaking a Covid curfew by walking her husband on a lead. When stopped by police, she claimed that her partner was in fact a dog, according to local media. On Saturday, Quebec said that people would have to stay indoors between 8pm and 5am in a bid to halt the spread of coronavirus. However, dog walkers are allowed to be outside during this time in an exception to the rules. Police spotted the pair in Sherbrooke at around 9pm, just after the rules took effect. Both of them were fined CA$1,546 (£893) despite claiming they were acting within the rules for pets.

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  1. jayne
    jayne 4 months ago

    You could not make this up could you?

  2. Avatar
    Christine Boulton 4 months ago

    Ha ha. Did she really think this excuse had legs.

  3. Avatar
    Sam Henry 4 months ago

    Police followed up on a lead 🙈😂

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