Willow reunited after 2 years via the DogLost website!

Meet Willow!

She’s a lemon Beagle; sadly she went missing on 19th March 2019 from Farleigh Wallop (near Basingstoke).

However, today that all changed! After almost 2 years missing, Willow is now home, safe and sound! 

She was spotted by a member of the public on Gumtree, who found her listing on our website, DogLost.co.uk, the owners then called the police and with their help, they were finally reunited. 

What an emotional ride for her owners! To all those owners of missing and stolen pets, never give up – anything is possible! 

Willow’s DogLost timeline can be viewed here.


  1. Avatar
    Cay 2 months ago

    Please let’s start a national pet database. Every pet should be registered at point of sale / birth with its full history. This would help stop theft and find missing pets. We need to Do Something!

    1. Avatar
      Gem 2 months ago

      I completely agree. There needs to be something that is searchable to find pets like for example with car registration plates, an animals chip number all on a database that is searchable. Perhaps if anyone can search the database if they are buying an animal, not show all the details to just anyone but certainly flag up if the animal is lost / stolen.

  2. Avatar
    Sharon Wardle 2 months ago

    Great News! ~ Shared on National DogLost Twitter & Facebook x

  3. Avatar
    Gem 2 months ago

    That is amazing that after all that time they we’re finally reunited. Sadly there are some unscrupulous people out there. Gumtree is terrible for the selling of pets, stolen, breeders, genuine people who could be selling / giving away their pet to someone untrustworthy. There definitely needs to be a pet database like someone said and also tougher punishments for pet theft / animal abuse etc.

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