Why is my dog sleeping on the floor if she likes her bed?

Ah, the classic situation of a dog/cat with a comfortable bed, choosing the floor or other uncomfortable spot over the plush lounge that you bought them.

My dog loves his bed, and spends easily 75% of the day lounging around in it. Sometimes however, I see him curled up on the cold wood floor, or sprawled out across my scratchy carpet. Why do they do this?

I think it’s similar to how you’ll fall asleep in a chair, or in the car, even on a couch. Then when you go into your bed, the previous spot seemed better.

I’ve especially noticed my dog going to these alternate places if he’s too hot, or not feeling well. Being covered head to tail in fur isn’t exactly good at keeping you cool. He also seems to do this when he wants to be closer to me, or see things from another spot in the house.

For instance, if I eat dinner, my dog will get up from his bed, walk closer to where he can see me, then he flops on the ground and sleeps again.

So, maybe it’s because they aren’t feeling good, or because they just want a change in environment, but that’s what I’ve found!

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