Where to find the UK’s most-cosseted canines

DOG owners in Sunderland lead the pack when it comes to pampering their perfectly manicured pets. The city has the most dog groomers and pet shops per dog in the UK, according to a survey carried out to mark National Dog Day .

London has the most dog-sitters, but you must look to the North-east to find the best-groomed canines.

The survey by online pet care support service Care.com found there were more than 18,000 dogs in Sunderland, served by around 10 groomers, 11 pet shops, and 21 sitters – beating London, Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow. Lois Spence, owner of Sunderland-based firm The Dog Pamperer, said: “Everyone’s dogs always look really nice around here. People take a lot of care with them.

“Our most popular service is a full groom, which involves a bath, haircut, ear pluck and cutting their nails.”

Annette Hastings, of The Dog House Grooming Parlour in the city, said: “People in Sunderland do really love their dogs and they want them to look nice.

I am a bit surprised we came out above London, but it shows how busy we are. We’re not taking on any new dogs because we’re so booked up.”

London has around 310,000 dogs, more than 60 groomers, 120 pet shops, and more than 1,370 sitters.

Portsmouth came bottom overall, with around 30 sitters, four groomers and four pet shops serving nearly 170,000 dogs.

A Care.com spokesman said: “The UK is a nation of animal lovers and our research shows just how many businesses are founded in people’s desire to pamper and care for their furry friends. “While it may be surprising to some that Sunderland came above London for the most pampered pooches, it is perfect dog country, with low hills running parallel to the coast, providing excellent walks.”

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