Where are you Mitzie?

In early 2018, my 27 year old cat died and I decided to adopt another cat from the RSPCA in Leicester. She was poorly and bunking in with another poorly cat, they were also looking to rehome so I adopted both. Clarissa Mou Mou and Mitzie Mousetrousers because she loved to catch mice and has sort of gaucho trousers.

We loved her dearly We still love them both. We kept them indoors for a good few months and on occasion allowed them both out together. Mitzie would go next door and to next-door’s garden but no further (we live on the edge of a village). 

Mitzie had lost her collar on a previous outing so we kept her in, while I went to get another and called into the doctors which was on September 25th 2018. I had to go (as an emergency) to the hospital with a heart issue and was kept there until 8 at night. I was very worried because Mitzie had got out without having her new collar fitted. I had a friend staying and she was calling for her, Mitzie came back in the afternoon and looked around, but when she didn’t see me she went back out again. That was the last time she was seen. I got home at about 9 and searched all the fields and verges and called and sat and searched agin until 5.30 in the morning. I was absolutely heartbroken.

She has never been found for us. But she has also not been found on the road as an RTA because our council scan. And she hasn’t been handed in to a vet. She was 10 months old when she went missing. I have searched everyday except the day of heart surgery. We will never stop looking because we believe she is alive.

I have posted thousands of flyers in our village – 7 times, she’s on the village website, has been on the radio, in the newspapers and publicised by our vet.

We have contacted vets for 30 miles.

We have put up over 5,000 posters all over Rutland and into Leicestershire and Northampton.

Our enquries led us to an old people’s development opposite us. One lady said Mitzie has been fed by her and that her granddaughter said to keep her as she clearly didn’t like her owners! We have no idea where the granddaughter lives and since she said it she won’t open the door to us.

So somewhere there is Mitzie and Mitzie is quite distinctive. She has a flash between her eyes which goes to ginger but she is a stripy tortoiseshell cat! She has a white bib and white paws and a pink nose and pink pads on her feet but she has a centre black pad on a rear paw.

Someone must know something. Can you help us?

Mitzie’s timeline: https://doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=137300

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