What a week at HQ…

Where do I start? Lots of dogs back….some  DogLost dogs reunited on Channel 4 Lost and found each day…But feedback I am getting from people who have seen the show is they are only showing the reunited dogs….rather than the ones that were filmed and are still missing…It would really have helped owners to have their dogs details on national TV….But understand its an afternoon show ….And they want  a feel good factor….But do feel if it was more like crime watch….ie have you seen this dog…dog owners would be more engaged? like tuning in everyday to help…..What are your thoughts on this?

Superb feed back from the newly introduced Doglost LICKS  award…Gill Brydon from dog theft awareness and member of lots of other  local groups got the recognition she and other people helping to get dogs back deserve….Bet you cant wait for the next group to be LICKed…Just waiting for photos! And will be on blog as soon as …

Why LICKS?  ( when it all came together!)…well my theory was who can resist a dog licking you?  As we are  reaching out to other dog mad people… ( Must admit had some help with this and numerous laughs trying to get the right words)…If you really want a laugh do ask me what my initial thought was…before I was guided to a safer option…and LICKS came together…..

Any nominees  for LICKS please email  to admin@doglost.co.uk   att Jayne….

We all need to work together to help these dogs get back….So its very heart warming to see the messages left …that leave me in no doubt we can do it together by co-operating and sharing.


ps working on some award rosettes…sneak preview!


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