We’re big fans of these two-legged dogs who absolutely love each other

These two dogs were born without their front legs, but the older dog, Nessie, has been helping younger pup Frankie Lou get to grips with the deformity. Theresa Loyacano welcomed the two adorable dogs into her home in Katy, Texas, to give them a ‘full happy life.’ Nessie and Frankie Lou McNubbins were both born with the same deformity and nine-year-old Chihuahua-mix Nessie has been showing 14-week-old Frankie Lou the ropes when it comes to functioning with only two hind legs. In a video taken by Theresa, Nessie can be seen nudging and touching Frankie Lou in an encouraging way, as Frankie Lou kicks her legs and rolls on the floor.

t doesn’t take long before the pair begin to play around and have fun in the back yard, jumping and rolling with each other. ‘The videos demonstrate Nessie and Frankie’s bond, which developed quickly,’ Theresa explained.

You can see Nessie attempting to encourage Frankie, and Nessie seems to be trying to show Frankie how to navigate life on two legs. ‘Nessie gently nudges Frankie to encourage her and Frankie is quickly learning how to get around. ‘Frankie has helped Nessie as well, Nessie never really played much, it was as though she didn’t know how but now with Frankie around, Nessie has become much more interested in playing.’ Nessie’s deformity was likely due to poor breeding but little is known about the cause of Frankie Lou’s deformity. Theresa helped Nessie when she saw her picture on an animal shelter’s Facebook page, after she was abandoned and returned to the shelter three times. When she met Nessie in January 2018, Theresa was over the moon to be able to provide a home for her.


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