Welcoming a new dog into your family

Is your new dog arriving soon?

Awesome! You’re embarking on an extraordinary journey that that only comes with owning a dog. But before welcoming your new fur baby, you need to get some gear and prep your home for arrival.

Here are all the essential products needed to make sure your new dog is comfortable in her new forever home.

  • Food and Treats

The first thing you need to get your new dog is food. Puppies will eat anything, so it’s easy to introduce any dog food brand whether it’s dry, wet or a combination of both. Follow the instructions on the label to avoid overfeeding your dog.

You’re also going to need some dog treats for training. You’ll want to train your new dog early and often, so only give treats as a reward for following instructions.

  • Dog Bowls

You’re going to need two sets of dog bowls. One set is for the house, and the other one is for travel. Each set should have containers for both water and food. Avoid having only one bowl because your new dog will need water during chow time. Choose a dog dish made from stainless steel because these are durable, resistant to bacteria and easy to clean.

The bowls should have a rubber base to avoid slipping and elevated if you have a big dog. The other set of dog bowls are for traveling and should be lightweight and portable. Collapsible silicone bowls are great for trips with your dog.

  • Toys

Your new dog will need some toys to keep him occupied and entertained. Bored and stressed-out dogs tend to chew on anything – shoes, furniture, you name it! Getting Fido some toys is a must, or else he’ll eat your new kicks, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Make sure you get your dog some chew toys, squeaky animals, puzzles and activity essentials such as balls, tug toys, and a Frisbee. Toys will help stimulate your dog both mentally and physically.

  • Dog Bed

The cold and hard floor is not the best sleeping option for your new dog. Make Yeller’s new forever home more comfortable by getting a dog bed. The dog bed should be large enough to allow your dog to stretch out and grow. You’ll need two beds so Fluffy won’t run out of a place to sleep when one bed is in the washer.

  • Blanket and Pillows

Dogs love to snuggle, especially during cold weather. A warm blanket and pillow can help make your new dog feel more at home in its new surroundings.

  • Grooming Products

Your dog will need constant grooming if it’s staying indoors with you. Unless of course, you like the smell of wet-dog and loose fur around the house! Choose a mild dog shampoo + conditioner, so your dog’s coat stays fresh, clean and moisturized. If your dog has long nails, there’s a special nail clipper designed especially for dogs.

You’ll need to get some dog toothpaste and a special rubber brush to brush your dog’s teeth. Keeping Rover’s pearly whites and gums healthy can prevent cavities.

  • Baby Gate

Prep your house and give your new dog its own secure space by installing a baby gate. Getting a barrier makes housebreaking your new dog a lot easier because she’ll have an area of her own. The baby gate will help prevent any accidents and makes it easier to train your dog for crating.

  • Dog Crate

Dog crates are especially useful for travel, so make sure you get one early on so you can train your new dog while still young. Boxes provide a safe haven for dogs in new environments as well. Be sure to put a dog bed inside the container and some toys to make your dog comfortable.

Choose a dog crate that fits your dog and one that it can grow into. Your dog must be able to stand, sit, lay down and stretch with no issues while inside the crate.

  • Dog Collar

Your new dog will need a collar for its identification tags. The collar should be comfortable and durable. To fit a dog collar, ensure that at least two fingers can fit between it and your dog’s neck. Collars have a ring where you can attach your dog’s ID tags.

You can also get a collar custom made with your dog’s identification printed on it. For more peace of mind, you can get your dog a GPS tracking collar to keep tabs on your dog and track it immediately when it runs off. You can view your pup’s whereabouts via an app on your phone, and even assign “safe zones” for Fluffy. The app warns you every time your dog goes outside the safe zone.

  • ID Tag

Even if your dog is micro-chipped, ID tags can help authorities locate you faster in case your dog gets lost. You can include your dog’s name along with your address and contact number, but it’s safer not to. Not adding your dog’s name will deter other people from claiming your dog as theirs.

  • Microchip ID

Microchipping is optional, but it adds an additional layer of security for your dog and more peace of mind for you. Microchips contain vital information that can help shelters track you down quickly when they find your dog. Talk to your vet about microchipping your new dog.

  • Leash and Body Harness

You’re also going to need a sturdy leash and body harness so you can take your dog out on walks. Avoid using your dog’s collar or a choke collar. Collars can choke and pinch your dog’s neck, and is not healthy for Fido!

A body harness distributes the pull/stop forces evenly, giving you better control and not harming your dog. If you can, get an extra leash and harness in case the regular one you’re using gets muddy, chewed on, wet or lost.

  • Poop Bags

While you’re out on a walk, your new dog will heed the call of nature and poop anywhere it wants. It’s your responsibility to pick up after your pooch, so makes sure you have some poop bags ready. Old newspapers and sandwich bags can do the trick. Also, bring some wipes and alcohol to clean your hands!

  • Car Gear

You’re bound to take your new dog traveling some time, so it pays to be ready. A dog crate is the best place for a dog inside a car, bar none. But if you don’t own one or your dog isn’t used to being in a crate, there are other options.

You can get a car harness and waterproof hammock to keep your dog and your car’s backseat interior safe. A dog hammock has a dual purpose of protecting your car seat and creating a barrier so your dog can’t cross over to the front of your car. For smaller dogs, you can get a dog car seat.

There You Have It!

If you haven’t had the privilege of owning a dog, these loyal and loving pets will change your life. Proven stress-busters, dogs, help bring fun and cheer to any household. If you’re awaiting the arrival of your new fur baby, it’s essential to gear up and be ready.

The essential dog products we listed in this article will help welcome your new family member and make sure he’s comfortable in his new home.  


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