We interrupt your day to bring you Benny the ice-skating Labrador

Benny is a very good dog who can ice-skate. Yes, ice-skate. The five-year-old Labrador has been learning and practicing for a year, after his owner, former skate coach Cheryl Del Sangro took him out on the ice one day and saw he was a natural skater. Since that fateful day, Cheryl has kitted out Benny with a special pair of skates to wear in his front paws, and has taken him for training every two weeks at the Las Vegas Ice Center.

So far he can do turns, crossovwers, and bunnyhops. Benny’s also a whiz at ice hockey, even if he does cheat by picking up the puck in his mouth. Cheryl, who rescued Benny as a puppy, says she took Benny out on the ice on recommendation from her friend, and quickly saw how much he loved it. ‘He followed me around and was running after me on the ice,’ she said. ‘Maybe because it’s so hot here in Nevada, he enjoyed being out there in the cold. ‘He was rolling around on his back and everything. He enjoyed it so much. ‘Our daughter, Brittany, I taught her to skate when she was 17 months old. I thought, well, if I could get little 17 month old to skate, why couldn’t I get him to skate.


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