Water-shy dogs taking swimming lessons as well as exercise programs and acupuncture

JOEY the staffy once struggled to keep up with the other puppies when it came to swimming — but now she’s lapping it up.

Joey overcame an aversion to water thanks to swimming lessons at the pool and spa for doggies called the K9 Swim Hydrotherapy and Wellness Centre at North Richmond.

“She was doing her learn to swim with us and now she is just swimming for fitness and fun,” centre owner Sharon Osmond told The Saturday Telegraph.

“For the puppy classes we have six pups and it all about socialisation — and it is very cute.”

The centre offers more than just swimming lessons for water-shy pups.

It also offers health and fitness programs for older dogs and even an underwater treadmill designed especially for obese dogs who need to shed more than their winter coat.

We run weight loss programs for dogs and we run senior programs for older dogs who can’t exercise a lot,” Ms Osmond said.

“We also offer a lot of complementary therapies like massage and acupuncture.”

The centre offers dogs simple playtime as well as help with medical conditions from arthritis to poor circulation

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