WATCH: Local hikers rescue injured pup stranded up Wicklow Mountains for two whole weeks

Local hikers managed to carry out an elaborate rescue mission after they came across an injured pup looking slightly worse for wear up the Wicklow Mountains.

Feel-good news stories seem to be getting fewer and farther between these days so when you find one, you have to grab it with both hands. And boy do we have a good – nay, GREAT – news story for you. Sent into Lovin by one lovely follower, it’s a tale that starts out pretty devastatingly but ultimately, turns itself around.

So, settle in, it’s storytime.

Out on their daily walk up the Wicklow Mountains – or maybe I should say hike in this case – local woman Ciara Nolan came across an injured pup who looked slightly worse for wear. Wrapping the little guy up in a coat, a joint effort between Ciara and her walking buddy meant that together, they managed to get the dog – real name Petal – safely back to their car.

Still wearing her collar, one phone call to Ash Animal Rescue centre in Wicklow and some minor detective work later and Petal was reunited with her family. Below are some photos/videos of the rescue mission in process… prepare yourself because there are likely to be tears so have the tissues to hand.

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