Wanted your videos.

Another exciting developement! DogLost is setting up its own ” channel” on Youtube.  Please send any video appeals for missing doglost dogs, Reunions,rescues ( I know we have some dramatic ones floating around!)  and links to any TV programmes we have been on…if you cant find the links refresh us with which programme and approx date so we can find.

Also if any helpers want to video themselves on searching for a dog…putting up posters or even just sitting at your laptops explaining what you do…best memories etc…for instance if you were involved in finding a dog you could have the page up explaining what happened…

…dont be shy we want to show people what we do who we are…

Please send to admin@doglost.co.uk with of course who you are! ( screen name)

Thanks all!



  1. Jayne
    Jayne 3 years ago

    Thank you to all of you who have sent in videos…Much appreciated!

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    asapps 3 years ago

    This very nice dog is equally as handsome. Copper is a young, active dog who would love to run but he is also an affectionate, sweet boy. A meet with a potential adopter was scheduled for Copper recently and then it was cancelled shortly beforehand. While many of the other dogs were meeting their potential adopters, Copper patiently sat and watched all the activity. Although there were a lot of people and dogs in a relatively small space, Copper behaved well and just waited for the Canine Lifeline volunteers to show him some affection. He also was offered some tasty treats, which he took very gently. He was such a good boy in all of the excitement with the other dogs. Copper is responsive to a kind voice and gentle touch. He wants to please and he is hoping someone wonderful will give him the great life he deserves. custom writing

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    CJ 3 years ago


    The videos we have, we have to be careful with as Youtube automatically blocks anything it feels is copyrighted. So we have to have the original clip sent to videos@doglost.co.uk and not the url to those that are already uploaded to Youtube etc


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