Walkies? No chance! Less than half of dogs get a daily stroll because owners can’t be bothered, survey finds

The survey of 1,501 found 20 per cent claim their dog did not like poor weather. Another 4 per cent said their dog did not like getting dirty. The average weekday dog walk is now less than 20 minutes long [File photo]

Owners’ excuses include being too tired after work, not having enough time or the claim that their dog does not like being out in bad weather.

Responding to the findings from dog food company Forthglade, TV vet Steve Leonard said: ‘Without regular exercise, dogs are at increased risk of health problems such as joint disease, obesity and stress-related disorders. For dogs, as for humans, exercise is an important part of mental and physical wellbeing.

Forthglade has launched a ‘Great British Dog Walk’ campaign to highlight the importance of daily walks.

Dr Carri Westgarth, a dog-walking expert, said: ‘We want to help people rediscover the joy in walking their dogs and appreciate those moments that are not only benefiting the dog and themselves physically, but also helping us de-stress and improving our mental health.’

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