Waking up…

Not exactly a quiet day yesterday…still had 32 missing dogs alone come in but at least no phone calls during the  night to wake me up! so feeling a bit more in the land of the living today.

Also the callers that rang in the early hours of yesterday morning did not leave a telephone number to call back…only one…who on calling her back was quite annoyed as her dog came back early hours and she was trying to catch up on her sleep as she had been awake all night looking for him and I had woken her up!  Obviously forgetting she had woken me up at 03.15am with her call!

Lovely to wake up this morning to the news that another ” snowball” dog back!  Thats 6 out of 6 this Christmas…see Jaynes Journal December 26th for more details on “snowballs”.

I wonder what today will bring?




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