Volunteer of the week…

Cynthia screen name Nina.

Nominated by Myself for the unsung work Cynthia does behind scenes by catching up with all the latest comments (as admin don’t have time to read every post) …and sending an email to us to let us know which we need to action/bump/monitor….along with a link so we can click straight on to update.

With around 2,000 comments a week this is a massive task and helps us keep the database up to date.

Thank you Cynthia for all the work you do…



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  1. Blogmod
    Blogmod 3 years ago

    Hi Cynthia
    How lovely to ‘meet’ you, I knew someone did all this work, reading comments and making sure that nothing is missed but I had no idea who! Jayne has told me what a huge help this is. Gosh I am loving this blog – we all get to know what goes on!

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