Volunteer of the week goes to…..

Linda (DogLost screen name Sable co-ordinator Scotland)…Linda is a little shy…or very canny!  and as such a photo of her lovely dog!

Linda is one of our founder members and well respected by all of us at DogLost… Many years ago she started up Lost dogs Scotland…And as such has made many many contacts and always updates the DogLost website.

She totally understood my (being Welsh) inability to understand the Scottish accent! And a need to help dogs…and reach  out….Which Linda has!

I remember calling Sable years ago …with a phone number as I pressed 1471 (as owner was unable to provide us with number)..saying I cannot understand a word…

Later Sable rang to say …No wonder she was blind drunk and fell over when Sable was speaking to her..

Now I cannot believe how many Scottish groups are being in contact with each other…..It can only help the dogs!




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