Volunteer of the Month (July 2020)

From Katherine Renton, owner of Bo:

My dog went missing Saturday AM whilst staying with relatives. As soon as Salli got wind of my lost dog she started helping.
By Sunday PM Salli had done a tonne of admin for me and messaged to say she was at the location of the only (probable but vague) sighting. I was really close and so we met up. Her instant energy and decisive actions gave me the momentum to get back in focus. She put a lot more posters up but also explained the locations and reasonings, which was an education for me. Also (silly thing) she stroked the posters as she put them up, this care and attention was something I desperately needed.

We did the first circuit I had done on foot the previous day but in a far more logical fashion. We tried one last time to get through the gates of a depot yard, to check where he had been seen. Her confident and respectful attitude got us through and we found a definite lead. He got us some hi-vis and showed us his sighting and then let us wander around. From there a driver approached us with another sighting. By that time I desperately needed a refuel and just could not focus anymore. So I headed off and thought Salli was too.

An hour later she called to say she’d spotted him. 5 mins later and I was with her again. Salli had been doing this for 5hrs by this time and it was starting to get dark. She kept just doing one last thing before she left, it got to around 10pm and we were having one last chat when I saw him.

As soon as he saw me he ran straight over. When he saw Salli he got spooked a bit but her calming and apparently disinterested attitude allowed him to overcome his fear super quick.

But it doesn’t end there, I went to update Bo’s status on DogLost – she’d already done it. She also updated the co-ordinator group we had, the security guard (who was letting us hang out on private land) and also said she’d remove the posters she put up.

I walked 28 miles this weekend and would probably still be walking now if it wasn’t for Salli and the team. The service you provide is amazing, genuinely. The poster service is crucial and having Salli actually turn up was fundamental to finding Bo within 48 hours.

You can view Bo’s DogLost timeline here.


  1. jayne
    jayne 10 months ago

    Well done Salli!

  2. Avatar
    Maxine 10 months ago

    Amazing dedication. Well done Salli 🙂

  3. Avatar
    Jenny Wright , Doglost co- ord for West Hampshire 10 months ago

    Brilliant Salli , you work so hard to get all the dogs home, you are a star , no other word for it xx💖💖

  4. Avatar
    Mandy 10 months ago

    Salli works tirelessly for the dogs. I have the greatest respect for her. Well done Salli ⭐

  5. Avatar
    LisaP 10 months ago

    Very well deserved, thank you for all you do for the dogs Salli x

  6. Avatar
    Graham fox 10 months ago

    Well done 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🐾

  7. Avatar
    Mandie 10 months ago

    Salli is very dedicated and will do all she can to reunite owners with their beloved pets I always Tag her in post when someone put up please help my baby got out or got lost as I know she will be straight on it with as much help and advice for the owners This very well deserved well done Salli your a STAR x Mandie x

  8. Avatar
    Jennie 10 months ago

    Fantastic- well done Salli

  9. Avatar
    Mary Purnell 10 months ago

    Amazing work! Thank you for being there

  10. Avatar
    diane clementson 10 months ago

    Salli you are an inspiration to dog lovers, we are lucky to have you. Thank you for all you have done and are doing for our beloved pets.

  11. Avatar
    Shelley Duff 10 months ago

    Well done Salli
    You are so well liked and loved for all you do
    Your an awesome lady
    Always out on FOOT looking for the dogs which is a must to get them back 😘😘

  12. Avatar
    Cherrie Sawyer 10 months ago

    Well done Salli you always go above and beyond and are so quick to respond you are a star ❤️

  13. Avatar
    Sheryll 10 months ago

    Brilliant Salli, truly one in a million x

  14. Avatar
    Lisa Dean founder Beautys Legacy 10 months ago

    Salli this is just a snippet of what you do for lost animals and their owners, you are truly an amazing lady, and this recognition is just lovely. Please keep doing what you do XXX

  15. Avatar
    Chris Chapman 10 months ago

    Never met her, but absolutely love her to bits 💓. Well done Salli.

  16. Avatar
    Lin Iddon 9 months ago

    Well done Salli!!!! What a trooper!

  17. Avatar
    Margerita Carr 9 months ago

    What a lovely story! Well done Salli!!

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