Urgent Appeal from Slough Borough Council

The owners of an elderly dog found abandoned next to the Jubilee River in the pouring rain are being sought by the council.

The drenched 13-year-old black Labrador with a greying muzzle was found by a member of the public on the footpath next to the river on Friday evening. He was wearing a brown collar with a chain lead attached.

The poor animal had no use of his back legs due to a long term injury and could not have walked to the spot or wandered there, so was deliberately carried to the area dumped all alone.

The Labrador was found near the Jubilee River Riverside Centre, just off the A332 roundabout, and the council is appealing to anyone who saw someone carrying a black dog or acting suspiciously in the car park on Friday, sometime between 11am and 5pm, to make contact.

A member of the public called the council’s Stray Dog Collection service and stayed with the dog until an officer arrived to collect him.

He was taken straight to an out of hours veterinary clinic where he was dried and examined. A microchip was discovered but the details of addresses in the Keel Drive and Hull Close area of Slough are believed to be out of date.

Ian Blake, neighbourhood manager of resilience and enforcement, said the vet diagnosed a pre-existing spinal injury, not believed to have occurred recently, leading to the dog having no use of its back legs and therefore unable to walk.

He said: “The dog was effectively paralysed at the rear. The examining vet determined the dog had not been injured the day he was found in any way and he could not have walked to the location which is some way from the nearest residential housing.

“We are very thankful to the member of the public who found him and stayed with him until we arrived – an act of kindness for the animal.”

After a full examination of the dog and further consultation the professional opinion was for the dog to be euthanised on welfare grounds due to the severity of the spinal injury and likely degeneration of the dog’s condition in the future.

Cllr. Pavitar K. Mann, cabinet member for planning and regulation, said: “Thank you to the member of the public who found this poor animal and decided not to walk by but call us. They gave the dog comfort in what were, unknown to them, the final hours of his life after going through the horrible experience of being abandoned.

“Owning an animal means looking after it through the cute stages of being a puppy and young dog to looking after them when they are in the twilight of their lives and may need medical care.

“It is just so sad the owner could not see fit to take it to a vet themselves and give him a dignified end.”

The council is appealing to anyone who knew the dog or where he lived, or saw anything unusual on Friday near the Riverside centre or on the footpath, to contact Ian Blake on 07917092909 or email ResilienceandEnforcementTeam@slough.gov.uk in the strictest confidence.


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