Update on stolen Fanny….Now reunited.

Owners update on her stolen dogs Fanny,Piglet, Delilah and Mary.

Amy Grant

Thank you all for the posts 🙌🏽

I know you all have lots of questions some please appreciate I CAN NOT ANSWER !

However I feel Fanny and her wellbeing is the most important right now.

Upon obtaining Fanny back it was clear she was in huge distress and in need of Veterinary attention.
It was clear she had already had at least one pup and this was confirmed to have been still born.

We took her to our out of hours vet immediately , where she was given the once over all seemed ok she was given some meds to help with the pup that was currently in the birth canal.
We took her home.
After a little while it was clear this puppy wasn’t budging and fanny was tired and needed to go back to the vet.

An Emergency C Section was performed and the remaining pup was deceased and had been for a little while.

Due to the trauma of Fanny being stolen and rough handled in the Burglary this has caused her 2 pups to die.

Had we not had fanny amazingly returned to us while she was in whelp and got her to the vets urgently , she would have died.

Not only has fanny had a traumatic fortnight away from home she’s now been returned home , had emergency surgery and lost her 2 pups.

Did the people who STOLE HER FROM US take any thought for any of this ?

Did the people who broke into our home and stole our dogs consider how this might affect A PREGNANT BITCH?.

Quite clearly not as these dogs were not going to be given up anytime soon ! FACT

WELL, the proof is in the pudding , you stole for greed and out of this you have obtained NOTHING !
And eventually you will be named and people will know who you are and what you have done !

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