Update on our rescue dog pup.

A long over due update on pup the rescued lurcher.
Firstly apologies for the late update on pup, due to the weather and increased volume of animals needing help over the past week, we’ve had to prioritise emergency cases from horses to our canine friends.
Pup is coming on leaps and bounds, his weight has increased to almost 24kg nearly meeting his ideal weight for his height and breed of an average 27kg.
Pup no longer needs to see the vet and has been given a full bill of health, surpassing all expectations, the contributing factor here is the care and love by his dedicated fosterers.
Doglost uk are continuing there support and funding his daily needs, as in a few weeks pup will be ready for rehoming. ( were hoping his foster parents are going to keep him 😉😉😉 ).
Also pup is ready to go back and meet the staff at jollyes Dartford who kindly donated bedding and a warm coat, so they can see his amazing recovery, we look forward to updating you with these picture’s soon, during the short absence pup has enjoyed his first holiday to cornwall, his training is fantastic with a slight recall problem , as they say pups will be pups, his interaction with children and other animals is first class, it does make me wonder why on earth a dog like pup would ever be abandoned  and treated so terribly, as obviously pup and so many other dogs like him have so much to offer a family.
Until next week
Wayne May.
And just to remind you how Pup looked before …


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