Update on China.

From China’s facebook page….
Some BRILLIANT NEWS (but he’s not home yet!) and some FRUSTRATING NEWS 🐾

A delay in posting as a lot has been going on and we were hoping to get some footage of China. Over the weekend one of the Team was able to spend over an hour with China nearby (sometimes within about 15 foot) and at one point China laid down – a clear sign of trust! You can imagine how exciting this is for us and we need to build on it. For the last couple of nights he’s kept his distance so we’re having to play it out carefully – it could happen soon or it could still take a while but this is wonderful progress.

BUT we know that at any moment China could decide he doesn’t want to ‘play’ anymore so it’s incredibly important that we find out where he is the rest of the time and keep getting those all important sightings of our lovely lost lad.

Posters are CRUCIAL so that those who aren’t on Facebook can alert us as soon as possible to a sighting – over 80% of our sightings come in this way. This leads on to our …


Sadly, one retired ‘gentleman’ in the community has taken a disliking to the posters. He has been taking them down over the past year and we have tried to replace them quickly (believe me, I understand they may be irritating and I’d like nothing more than to be able to take them all down!). Recently he has ‘upped’ his anger at the posters and drives round in his car taking them down all over Martlesham. Why anyone would want to harm China’s chances of being found safe is a bit beyond me but it only takes one local person to have this much impact on him. If the posters come down, those not on Facebook will think he’s been found or that we’ve given up!

We will now be placing banners (pic below) around and we are also making some placards that could sit in people’s front gardens, particularly if they’re on the main part of a road – if you’d be willing to help please do ‘message’ the page – we and China would be eternally grateful. We’re just trying to find a lost dog and there is NO WAY that we could have got this far without your amazing help in so many different ways – thank you x

And, China, stay safe out there – your ‘pack’ is trying everything to get you home safely x

Follow China’s DogLost timeline here…


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