Update on Ben the dog you helped by Artisan rescue.

Dear all
Today we are updating on ben the rescued whippet cross owned by Mrs Stilwell.
As most of you are aware we posted a blog about Ben and his seizures, thanks to local fundraising and donations, we were able to get Ben his vital scans. The scan results showed that Ben, at such a young age had a stroke, as a result he is left with epileptic like seizures, the vets have stated they cannot determine his life span and the overall long term affects this stroke has caused.
Fortunately the medication Ben is on has, for now, stemmed his seizures and he is at home permanently with Mrs Stilwell and living a quieter, but more normal life.
Mrs Stilwell and myself would once again like to thank the community and donators for their support.
Pictured Ben at home.
Wayne may

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