Update from Wayne May who has been taking phone calls to DogLost this week.

Over the past week, Doglost received numerous calls, praising and thanking coordinators and volunteers for all there help, reuniting people with there pets, and lending a sympathetic ear when needed.

We all know how distressing it is to loose a companion, being there for support  when needed, is a small gesture that comforts many.
Our  volunteers and coordinators are often over looked, receiving such calls of praise makes the day worth while.
The last week has  Been extremely busy, reuniting lost dog’s, comforting owners when there pets have sadly passed away, and finding long term stolen dog’s, These are the real highs and lows of being a volunteer.
Cumbria police also need a special mention, their ethics  and willingness to help, surpassed all expectations, who’s actions resulted in the recovery of two stolen Dog’s, acting speedily and profesonally, liaising with dog lost and the vet’s ensured both stolen dog’s We’re recovered quickly and reunited.
I would also like to thank our coordinators, personally  for all the help you have given myself and Doglost, you have all been instrumental in the smooth running of Dog lost, and assisting in every way, I truly appreciate Everyone’s help, along with the successful reuniting of dog’s. Thank you.


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