Police visit HQ.

Firstly brilliant news that the petition has reached target!

And yes about the photo taken yesterday afternoon…being very busy the last week I have prioritised sending alerts out and adding emailed dogs details to site before I make the list longer by answering the phone.

As soon as I am up to date I then answer the phone …my mother who is in Spain…rings most days and as she could not get an answer she rang the police as she thought something had happened to me!

I mean all Mum had to do was check the website and blog to see I was actively putting dogs on…and also I did say to Mum earlier this week that when I am behind with the dogs I wont be answering the phone which she agreed would be a good thing as I am doing too much.

You could not make it up…any way thanks to the PC and WPC for taking the time to call around and check I was okay…how embarrassing! I asked the WPC to take a photo of me beside the police car as sure you would not have believed me  otherwise!



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    CJ 3 years ago

    Can only happen to you Jayne…LOL still seeing the boys in blue made a change for you… I wonder if the local curtains were twitching…

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