Update from HQ…

As you can see was at a very windy Ragley hall game fair on Saturday….So sorry for no updates on the blog yesterday….did you miss me?

I certainly miss The green grass!

Thank you Wayne for travelling up to do the interview with me…And Alison for taking the phones and running admin for me.

Getting to Ragley hall by public transport is not the easiest….early morning train from Newport to Birmingham…then another train to Redditch…then Bus to Near Alcester ( 1 hour) …then 17 minute walk to Ragley hall…then on arriving at Ragley hall…I realised it had a very long entrance drive ( 1 to 2 miles)

Kindly as I was the only one walking up a security man flagged down a car to give me a lift….Just as well!

The interview went well Albeit a little windy…Here is me just before entering the  Carter Jonas arena…Note I am wearing the new shirt with the embroidered logo.

Another busy week ahead with quite a few more interviews booked in for articles one being the people’s friend magazine.



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