Update from HQ

Wow what a roller coaster day yesterday going from despair to elation …From learning the debate did not go in favour of a change in the re classification of dog theft…to learning a member put forward the proposed bill in the chamber and was voted through …everyone said yea no one said nay! so roll on the 26th October!

Then England winning against Columbia on penalties!

Oh happy day!

Can now add some photos which seemed out of order yesterday as it was us feeling positive before the debate….

The crew!

And thank you for the support from Murphy’s…Our local co-ordinators think you are brilliant and work so well together…

And of course our stalwart LisaP…( well done you had your eyes open for once on a photo…)

Loads more to publish ( when thee phone stops ringing!) watch this space!

And here is the moment in Parliament…






  1. Avatar
    mistynsashasmum 3 years ago

    Well done one and all I have just received the debate proceedings via email went on for quite a while then!

    Can see you all sitting there as well

  2. Avatar
    Vicki Hudson 3 years ago

    Well done! Who is that beautiful Schnauzer!! I want one. My Barney would love a cut out version of himself to admire.

  3. Avatar
    Bobble 3 years ago

    Please name the people in the group photo (that was kept very quiet!).

  4. Avatar
    patlucky 3 years ago

    Well done

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