Update from HQ

Well I  asked my mother to take a photo of the tshirts I have had printed for the all important day tomorrow…and you guessed completely obliterated by the Holly hock! Will have another attempt later…

So looking forward to the Big day tomorrow starting with DogLost members CJ,LisaP,Wayne and myself together with SAMPA members and Doctor Dan Allen presenting the petition at number 10 Downing street. This will be followed by a “drop in” room ( number 10) in Parliament between 1-4pm…then the big one into the public gallery to view the debate.

As you will have noticed no new blog posts on  the 29th due ta a malicious person who put on 100 hoax missing dog reports… I was woken at around 12.30 am to the phone ringing constantly and looked on site and was horrified… then had to stay up most of the night taking them off as they were truly offensive…. We tracked the person down to be a pupil at a private school… the school were horrified as the email was one of theirs. The boy has since left the school.

Ah a slightly better shot outside newly painted HQ…

Sue From K9 Crusaders has raised £500 towards the £1,000 plus needed in vets bills… thank you and if you can help the details are here..


A funny thing happened yesterday…I had just come out of the hairdressers and was waiting to cross the busy Cardiff road and the cars in both directions stopped ( MUST GO THE HAIRDRESSERS MORE OFTEN)…. But then realised their was a  panicked Chihuahua on the road… so immediately went into  DogLost mode… sat down and calmly and gently coaxed it over it came right up to me… it was just smelling my hand and a stupid car beeped its horn! and it ran off… by this time a passing cyclist and his daughter had joined in and were flagging down the traffic that had started to move again unaware the dog was still loose on the road … I noticed a house with its door wide open so went  up and shouted do you have a Chihuahua… if so its on the road… a man came out in his y- fronts and immediately shot off up the road… but he had left the inner door open and his other dog followed….

So do I run after a man in Y fronts or do I get the other dog that he was unaware had got out as well?… I went after his other dog and coaxed him back up to the house then shut the door to keep him in…

By this time their was no sign of the man or his dog so continued on my way… It was only when I got home and told people about it the blindingly obvious fact that emerged is that if he was in his y fronts he would not have had the door key with him to get back in…..








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