Update from Artisan rescue

Morning all, as most of you know apart from running an animal rescue, we also strive to secure the bloodlines and conservation of rare breeds and endangered animals.
Some of our achievements are the lapwing, british barn owl, minature zebu cattle believed to be the forebearer’s of all cattle we know today. Also the arapawa goat, famously delivered to the island of arapawa, by captain james cook in the Marlborough sounds.
Recently we have embarked on a new conservation project looking into the decline of the white owl, bubo scandiacus commonly known as the snowy owl.
In 2017 this species has been re-listed on the IUCN list as a VU, vulnerable species, originally an estimated 240,000 snowy owls were found globally.
They have suffered a massive decline with an estimated 28,000 birds left.
First discovered in 1758 and now in 2018 we are stepping in to study these marvellous owls, understanding there behaviour, bonding and mating. D.N.A and genetics will be studied over the coming years
Our chairman Robert will be travelling to northern Canada to meet another captive breeder of snowy owls and to study wild snowies to help us understand more about there decline and how we can play a small part in there conservation.
Snowy owls are native to the artic regions, North america and Eurasia and have been found closer to home in Scotland.
In 2019 we intend to lauch a live webcam for all to enjoy, allowing our captive bred owls into your living room, where you can also learn there behaviour and hopefully breeding and nesting.
Hope you enjoyed reading my latest blog, enjoy your day.
Regards Wayne may


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