Update from Artisan rescue

From Wayne May of Artisan rescue and DogLost SAMPA rep.
Good morning all.
A long over due blog from the rescue, where do we begin.
Firstly jollyes pet superstore at dartford is running an awareness day soon, regarding fireworks and there impact on pets and how to help owner’s deal with this distressing time of the year for some of our pets. I will hopefully be attending to offer advice for both wildlife and domestic animals.
Doglost are sending some invaluable information regarding dogs and fireworks.
Secondly we have pioneered a relief fund, particularly for dogs and cats that fall outside the remit of law, these animals that are being mistreated and kept in such a manor that is beyond what we would expect dogs and cats to endure, but still fail to meet that fine line for prosecution. Since launching we have purchased four dogs, not one was microchipped and one pup was illegally tail docked, ( prosecution pending )
The others were all sold with no parent’s present.
The fund’s raised so far have paid for veterinary treatment and advise to owner’s on how to look after there pet properly, prevention is definitely better than cure.
Now to missing and stolen dogs, we are increasingly finding more and more stolen dog’s across the country, frustratingly depending on police force or area, we have been having great difficulty in getting officers assigned to a case, one police force will act immediately¬† and another will take several weeks, dog and pet owner’s need the reassurance that the law’s in place are the same across the country getting these pet’s back to there rightful owner’s sooner rather than later.
Hundreds of factual intelligence reports are being submitted only to be stonewalled at the last hurdle.
Along with the above exotics are ever increasingly being abandoned and unwanted, faster than we can rehome them, from tortoises to tegu’s, macaws and snakes, some of these animals we’re such a rarity 5 years ago, and almost unheard off in a rescue facility, now they are common place.
I’m often left wondering how complacent with animals we have become.
To all the rescues and  volunteers across the country you are doing an extraordinary job, an invaluable contribution to society, we are making a difference however small.
If you wish to learn more about our work please email us at.
Wayne May
Amimals rescued this month.
Terrier cross
Two pugs
Three cat’s
Columbian tegu
Peregrine falcon
European eagle owl
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