Update from Artisan rescue

Update from Wayne may…57 rabbits rescued after no other rescue would help…So far 18 of the females are pregnant ( only 18 have been vet checked so far!)  The possibility is all are pregnant! Also Wayne has been advised more in a garden so is busy ensuring all have a rescue plac

…Thank you Jolies for providing food….but understand the vets bills will be crippling to a small rescue…if you can help…

From Wayne…

Update from artisan rare breeds animal rescue.
Today could be mistaken as national rabbits day.
From two properties we have rescued so far 57 individual bunnies from a few weeks old to adults.
One property through no fault of there own, due to immediate hospitalization could no longer care for there pets, with the exception of some minor ailments all were in good health, unfortunately most of the females have been vet checked and are currently pregnant.
There are a mixture of lion heads and other cross breed rabbits of all descriptions.
I’ve attached picture’s of just a few of these lovely bunnies.
We have just heard there maybe a few more, in the garden and they will be arriving tomorrow morning at the rescue.
For  those that wish to help via donations towards there food and bedding.
If you prefer alternative methods please email.
Artisan rare breeds and animal rescue is a registered HMRC charity XT372971
Thank you
Wayne may

The male rabbits will be up for adoption…the females cannot be rehomed until they have had their babies…imagine how many more  Artisan rescue have to provide for!

All help appreciated…And well done Wayne!



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