Update from Artisan rescue.

Recently i have been involved in a case, That has been distressing and time consuming on so many levels.
This case started following an horrendous attack on a child, by a dog dangerously out of control, then rapidly escalated to previous  attacks where the same dog and owner had been involved over the last month’s and had left the scene leaving members of the public with serious injuries.
With no one to be held accountable, The last attack involving the child happened on a bright sunday afternoon, witnessed by members of the public who managed to track the dog to a residential property.
I cannot thank kent police enough for there professionalism and fast approach in taking action.
Just when i thought my involvement was over, and i was finishing my paperwork, concerns were raised about alleged puppy farming involving the same people that owned the out of control dog, so investigations begun again, looking into this further we have found possible links in several counties relating to the sale of dozens of puppies. Trying to get assistance from relevant authorities was nothing short of frustrating and on occasion deflating.
Although i cannot release further information as this is a current case involving many organisations, i would like to thank my colleagues at S.A.M.P.A for there invaluable help, doglost uk, also the other organisations for there input and assistance and getting this case the immediate attention it needed.
It has proven Working together has had a positive involvement in preventing the sale of more puppies.
I wish the injured parties a speedy recovery, and sincerely hope justice prevails. And the dogs in question can be assessed and hopefully given the chance to lead a normal canine life and treated like dogs should be, and not a tool for aggression and status.
Regards Wayne may

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    Jayne 4 years ago

    Wayne will be on Radio Kent at 5.10pm today.

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