UK’s saddest dog found stood up on beach with ‘I Love You’ balloon on Valentine’s Day

Think you had a bad Valentine’s Day? At least you weren’t this dog – who looks like he was the saddest dog in the UK.

The most  down-in-the mouth dog you’re ever likely to see was spotted on a beach yesterday afternoon – where it looked for all the world like he’d been stood up by his Valentine’s Day date.

It was a scene that couldn’t fail to melt even the hardest of hearts, especially when the lovelorn figure got up and strolled towards the rocks, trailing his ‘I Love You’  balloon sadly behind him, reports Wales Online

Joann Randles, who was on the beach near Swansea with her partner for a late-afternoon walk, took his photo as he wandered up and down the beach.

“We started off in Caswell Bay and walked over to Langland, where there happened to be a dog with a balloon tied to its collar all on it’s own,” she said.

We didn’t think anything of it, but he looked so sad, I took his picture.”

he couple continued to walk across the bay, and as they walked back, the dog was still there.

Miss Randles said: “There were other dogs on the beach with their owners, and he went over to seemingly try and play with them, but they all ran off.

“That was when we realised he didn’t seem to have anyone with him, like an owner or anything.

“It looked like a Disney movie, with a lonely prince trying to find his princess.”

The dog hung around on the beach until Miss Randle left just before 5pm. But for the rest of the evening, she couldn’t help wondering if he ever did find someone who loved him.

“It was cute at the time, but it played on my mind when I got home,” said the 30-year-old.It’s not known if the dog was abandoned, or whether he had escaped for an afternoon date.

“Where were his owners? He looked so forlorn with his droopy face, and it being Valentine’s Day, it seemed ironic.

“I can’t help wondering if he did ever find a date or a friend.”


A ‘mystery dog’ which melted hearts and raised concern on a popular Welsh beach has an incredible tale of survival, it has been revealed.

The canine was spotted on Valentine’s Day wandering on Langland Beach , seemingly unattached, dragging a romantic balloon behind him which said: “I love you.”

Passers by had raised concern, wondering if the dog had been abandoned.

But it turns out Gordon the English Pointer was simply enjoying a walk on the beach, while his owner drank coffee at the nearby cafe.

But it turns out that Gordon has an absolutely remarkable if also heartbreaking life story.

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