UK Heatwave: Dog shows CANCELLED as 80F temperatures scorch Britain

DOG shows are being cancelled around the country as it becomes too dangerous to take pets out in the heatwave. This weekend’s major DogFest South event has been cancelled after organisers’ concerns that 27C degree plus temperatures would put dogs and their owners at risk.

The RSPCA has also called off a series of shows and events around the country, while warning owners not to take dogs to any all-day outdoor functions.

With the three-week heatwave showing no sign of relenting and temperatures set to break records, the charity says it is receiving calls at the rate of seven an hour about animals and heat exposure.

Incredibly, the incessant warnings that dogs die in hot cars still are still being ignored by owners, with the majority of 1,123 calls the charity’s emergency hotline received between June 25 and July 1 relating to animals being shut in parked vehicles.

To reduce the deadly threat, the RSPCA is telling owners to be extra careful and keep dogs cool at home rather than baking outdoors.


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