Tragedy as terrified dog DROWNS while trying to escape fireworks – ‘We miss him every day’

Shearer the Border Collie dashed into the sea after being frightened by the bangs and flashes of fireworks set off on a public beach. His body washed ashore 70-miles away the following week.

With the RSPCA witnessing record numbers of calls coming through about the impact of fireworks on animals, campaigners are revealing details of Shearer’s untimely death to show why “private use” of fireworks should be restricted to certain days: Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali.

Stephen Scott had taken nine year old Shearer for a beach walk near his home in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, two years ago, when an unofficial fireworks display erupted.

Terrified, Shearer sped off to a spot where even more fireworks were being let off and then ran into the sea.

The owner camped out for a week hoping to find the beloved pet but to no avail.

“It was public land and they shouldn’t have been letting off fireworks,” said Mr Scott on the eve of Bonfire Night. “Even now, thinking about it is extremely distressing.

“Shearer was our family dog and we miss him every day. There is a local fireworks display this year using silent fireworks. I don’t see why that can’t be rolled out everywhere to save the distress of pet owners.”

Two out of five dogs are fearful of the loud bangs and whizzes from fireworks, according to a recent RSPCA survey, and over the past six years the charity has received more than 2,300 calls and complaints about the impact they have on pets, livestock and wildlife.


  1. Avatar
    patlucky 2 years ago

    I feel so sad for the owners of this poor dog.
    I thought fireworks were going to be quieter some years ago .
    In fact they got louder.
    They should only be allowed at organised events.
    I read only last night how a cat had a firework tied to its body and they lit the firework.
    The cat died of horrific injuries .
    About time this was all stopped.
    Shame they don’t have the same done to them.
    These so called “humans” are simply COWARDS.

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    rodney edmondson 2 years ago

    If you want to do something positive about fireworks please take a few minutes to make a written submission to the Petitions Committee inquiry into fireworks, especially if you have suffered loss or distress due to fireworks. Our disgraceful Government has refused point-blank to do anything about fireworks even after years of petitioning and campaigning. The Petitions Committee of MP’s is so totally fed-up with the attitude of Government that they have now set up their own enquiry and it is up to us to get behind them and support them! Please make sure that everyone gets the message!

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