Top tips for keeping your dog cool in the hot weather

It’s important to take care of yourself in this week’s heatwave, but don’t forget about your dog. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from sunburn and heatstroke in hot weather, so it’s important to give your dog a little extra care when the sun is at its highest. As parts of the UK is set to reach up to 30C this week, here are some top tips to keep your pet cool in the warm weather.

Keep dogs indoors Unlike humans, dogs can cool themselves only by panting and sweating through their paw pads. Soaring temperatures can cause heat stress or permanent physical harm and even be fatal. Keeping them in a well-ventilated home is the best option on a hot summer day.

bulldog dog drinking water outdoor

Make sure your animal has access to fresh drinking water and shade If animals must be left outside, they should be given plenty of water and have constant access to shade, with the shifting sun taken into account. Even brief periods of direct exposure to the sun can have life-threatening consequences. Walk, don’t run In very hot, humid weather, never exercise dogs by cycling and making them run alongside the bike.

Dogs will collapse before giving up, at which point it may be too late to save them. It’s however important to remember that dogs need exercise, even when it’s hot, with experts advising walking in the morning or evening when it’s cooler. But, when walking dogs, keep in mind that pavements can get very hot in warm weather. If it’s too hot to touch with your hand, then it’s too hot for a dog’s paws. Swimming is also excellent exercise for your dog.

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