Tomorrow is D day!

…Tomorrow is Developer day! Hence D day!

We have lots of things lined up to be done…small changes that we are doing monthly to the DogLost site… so not too much of a shock to members ( or me!  A total technophobe!)…If anyone remembers how the site looked 6 months ago you will agree it looks clearer and quite different now….and will continue to do so month by month…at a gentle pace…

So be aware if you have any problems  with the site tomorrow do email to and we can sort out….hopefully it wont be for long!

Lots of little changes to the blog will be added….and lots of problems caused by the Blog Squad trying to feel their way around how a blog operates will be resolved! ( sorry Developer…I put my hands up to adding to your work load!)

The blog is really taking off now….Great to see new people join…on Friday 8th we hit 500 visitors on one day!

I hope you are all loving the amazing Christmas photos of one Photographers rescue dog…Yes he is not really Scrooge or a camel!   wait for the rest!

Any suggestions always welcomed to how we can improve…..Email to

Thank you for allowing us to use your photos Peter….Read more here and get a sneak preview of what is coming up…and how he took the photos…Its amazing!




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