This week’s volunteer of the week award goes to…

Margerita Carr!

From Katie Fox (Area Co-ordinator – Somerset)…
She’s really juggling home, kids, new work startup but still attends any call outs for scanning, retrieval and searching. She’s as scatty as a box of frogs but she’s a real team player for our area (Somerset and Wiltshire borders). Never a great week especially when it ends with a deceased dog on the roads. 💔😩 So keep up the fabulous good work ‘Binky’. We really appreciate you. DogLost Somerset.


  1. Avatar
    Maxine 1 year ago

    Amazing 🙂 Well done Margerita

    1. Avatar
      Margerita Carr 1 year ago

      Thank you x

  2. Avatar
    Margerita Carr 1 year ago

    Thank you for your kind words 💕 it wouldn’t be possible without your advice, coaching and the support from you and our amazing team.

  3. Avatar
    Poochpal 1 year ago

    Very well deserved, thanks for all you do day or night, all winds and weathers. X

  4. Avatar
    Wayne May 1 year ago

    Well done 👏👏

  5. Avatar
    jayne 1 year ago

    Well done Margerita!

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