This week’s volunteer of the week award goes to…

Margerita Carr!

From Katie Fox (Area Co-ordinator – Somerset)…
She’s really juggling home, kids, new work startup but still attends any call outs for scanning, retrieval and searching. She’s as scatty as a box of frogs but she’s a real team player for our area (Somerset and Wiltshire borders). Never a great week especially when it ends with a deceased dog on the roads. 💔😩 So keep up the fabulous good work ‘Binky’. We really appreciate you. DogLost Somerset.


  1. Avatar
    Maxine 11 months ago

    Amazing 🙂 Well done Margerita

    1. Avatar
      Margerita Carr 11 months ago

      Thank you x

  2. Avatar
    Margerita Carr 11 months ago

    Thank you for your kind words 💕 it wouldn’t be possible without your advice, coaching and the support from you and our amazing team.

  3. Avatar
    Poochpal 11 months ago

    Very well deserved, thanks for all you do day or night, all winds and weathers. X

  4. Avatar
    Wayne May 11 months ago

    Well done 👏👏

  5. Avatar
    jayne 11 months ago

    Well done Margerita!

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