These Are The Most In Demand Breeds For Dog Thieves

The numerous national lockdowns over the last 10 months has led to more people seeking a pet dog to add to their household. As a result ‘dognapping’ rings, that aim to capitalise on the growing market for pets pooches, have robbed breeders, owners and kennels to meet demand.

According to the latest research by the charity Dog Lost, the top five most commonly stolen dog breeds are Cocker Spaniels, English Springer Spaniels, Jack Russell Terriers, French Bulldogs and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

The rise in dog thefts is believed to be driven by the high demand for puppies which has lead to a surge in prices.

Wayne May, senior police liaison officer at Dog Lost told explained to Tyla why dognapping has become such a huge problem in the last year. He said: “People were looking for companion animals at home during lockdown, which inadvertently sparked a rise in the value of dogs in general which obviously has been capitalised on.

“We were running out of dogs in the UK. We also have a big problem of dogs being illegally imported into the UK without paperwork at the moment and obviously people are having their dogs stolen specifically to be bred from.

“It has been a cascade of events.”

Cocker Spaniels have become the most sought after dog breed amongst dognappers, with Wayne adding: “I don’t like putting a retail value on animals to be honest but the average retail value for a cocker spaniel was £800-£1000 in 2018/2019. In 2020, the value went up to £3000-£5000.

“I work specifically with stolen dogs and we have recovered some dogs with puppies or puppies that have been sold. One thief earned £25,000 in one day just by selling puppies from one stolen dog.

We recovered more stolen dogs from that property and they were all pregnant. If he wasn’t caught, he would have exceeded £100,000 from dog theft.”

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  1. Avatar
    Sandra Rawlinson 3 months ago

    Put them 10yrs in prison fine them £25.000
    He Pays owners of the stolen dogs £5000 stress fees for dog and owner of dog

  2. Avatar
    CAROLINE Clayton 3 months ago

    Well said Sandra
    Excellent let’s hope the powers that be take notice

  3. Avatar
    Katie 3 months ago

    The only way to stop this is to put a limit on what dogs can be sold for. Greedy breeders upping the prices then cry when their dog’s and puppies are stolen. They are the reason they are in such high demand because of their pure greed and lack of thought for the poor dogs. Yes harsher sentences are needed but I doubt it will stop the scummy thieves, whilst the Money is so high it’s worth the risk.

  4. Avatar
    Mary E 3 months ago

    People who commit dog theft are heartless, devoid of empathy ( for dog or owners) selfish and delusional, believing pet theft to be a job like any other.

    The legal system needs updating NOW to reflect the seriousness of the crime : the emotional and psychological damage inflicted on both pet and owner and financial loss to owners. Neither can the emotional scarring of children be under estimated in these dreadful situations.

    Considering the enormity of the crime as well as the far reaching implications and devastation caused, a public register of known pet theft criminals and their location as well as hefty fines, compensation by them to owners and imprisonment would have a far greater impact than the flimsy fines presently

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