The story of Twm the Border Collie

The time a community came together ❤️ I’d like to start by saying we cannot stress enough the importance of keeping our pets safe it’s a heartbreaking situation to be in as many know some are happy endings some are devastating. This is a happy story of the lovely Twm a young tri colour collie out on an adventure for 2 weeks. I’m over the moon to be part of this boys trapping from beginning to end and we couldn’t have done it without all the amazing support of everybody pulling together. As a part of it all I’d like to sincerely thank all of the below mentioned Graham Burton, Jen and gang from Drone SAR For Lost Dogs UK, Robin Evans for being amazing and stomaching the stench of sardines in oil with me 😂 also for traveling miles on round trips to make the trapping possible, a trio needing a huge thank-you are Kaye, Robin and Jen from Canine Capture UK, nothing would have been possible without you guys, Mandy Butler and team from the Lost Dog Trapping Team – Search & Rescue Network, Pat Gallanders for being my wingman (woman), to the farmer that didn’t doubt Twm for a second even in lambing season and allowed us to freely use the farm to set up the food station and to eventually trap Twm, Bill Legge Pilot from Drone SAR For Lost Dogs UK for accompanying me on the beach and walking in all conditions and terrain. Also to all the community that shared posts, posters, tweets and drove about searching whilst taking into consideration of our guidelines for TWMs safety. It was truly a experience I will not forget in my lifetime and humble to have been a team member of. ❤️ The true meaning of community matters and through the  support off the right people and listening to advice we can truly make happy stories and happy endings.❤️❤️
Happy endings new beginnings baby boy 💙 Love team Twm

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