The Story of Ratty

Ratty is a black, white and brown Jack Russell Terrier, on the 19th of October (much to her owner’s distress) she thought it would be a good idea to set off on an adventure, escaping from the boat in which she lives on, at Pewsey Wharf, Wiltshire.

It is believed that at some point along her journey, Ratty became stuck in a hole in rural Wiltshire. She’d disappeared for four long days…

On Friday night (23rd of October), Ratty’s adventure came to an end, we think she realised she was missing out on the girls night out and fancied a pint of Hopping Hare or maybe Fursty Ferret as she turned up at the local pub (just 200 yards away). Jack Russell’s really are a breed apart!

Ratty is very muddy and skinny but other than that, she is safe and well!

Her DogLost timeline can be viewed here.

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