The full story of Cash and Lilahs rescue.

When the intial report came into DogLost of the missing dogs our area co-ordinator Jan leapt into action …sending out instruction sheets and making contact with owner to advise. Jan then shared the missing dogs details on local FB pages and made contact with a local man called Scott Pilling.  Scott volunteered to go up and have a look…in his words…

On looking for the dogs my Iphones camera zoomed right in…and there they were.

Next picture below…I wanted to take a look at the cornice and make sure the dogs were mobile! Look at them!

Heres me going over the edge! I was on my own and dont know who these other people were …but  I roped them into helping as needed support…( because on trying to ring rescue teams…guess what no signal up there!)

And this is dog number 2 brought up after other dog was rescued…a very strong dog! Had to pin it! Lol…

And here is the two of them safely back on terra firma.


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