The dog and Bone…

More tales from DogLost admin…

Phone call to Doglost…I answer with “Good morning DogLost”…they say is that DogLost? …I reply yes…they reply sorry wrong number??? Am still trying to work that one out!

And on a daily basis…I will be on the phone to an owner and ask them if they have rung the local dog warden…if they say no I ask do you want me to find the number for you?…I search through my file… give them their local council number…they always wait till I have finished to say hang on I will get a pen…LOL…Maybe I am old fashioned but I always have a pen to hand…But in some cases it just gets harder….Person on phone without a pen decides to shout to someone else to find a pen without removing the mobile phone….So I get full volume in my ear!…then in some cases it gets even worse! Person on phone moves to a room with TV on full blast…And shouts over that! ( still not realising they are shouting at me)…But Doglost keeps calm until we know owner has all details…

I guess quite a few owners whose dogs are now back will be thinking OMG! I did that…its okay we know you are in a state of panic…thats why we are here to help you!

Just thought I would share Admin experiences…and so many more to come!

Especially from our coordinators!


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