Delta, a black Labrador Cross, went missing whilst in a walk in Bucklers Park, Crowthorne, Berkshire on Friday 28th June. Not unlike any other dog on our site you might say, BUT there was a certain urgency to finding her, again not unlike other dogs and owners.
Delta’s Owners were due to get married on Saturday 29th and she was a massive part of their family.

Sam Cu, Fiancé, Flo and mum, sister, friends and relatives were desperate; all out searching whilst the DogLost Berkshire team printed posters and met up with them to help get word out.

Delta was all over social media; everyone wanting to get her home in time for the celebrations.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be, so her family got ready with one member missing; but saying that phones would have to kept on throughout in case their was news of their beautiful Delta.

DogLost Volunteers and locals carried on Postering, searching and spreading the word with the family checking-in regularly. Such amazing owners!

Then in the early hours of the morning; the newly weds had their prayers answered – the call came in from a Railway worker who’d found her. She had a sore paw, but was alive and safe.

Imagine the elation as the family rushed to pick her up and their family was complete again.

Now Mr & Mrs Cu it’s just remains for us to say – Congratulations on your Marriage and enjoy your honeymoon from all of us at DogLost ❤

Follow Delta’s DogLost timeline here…


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