Teen ‘ordered out of Asda for dangerous dog’ that’s actually adorable puppy

Livingston teenager has hit out at Asda after she says she was ordered to leave her local store due to her “dangerous” dog – despite the adorable pup being just weeks old.

Kendall McGuire, 19, from the West Lothian town, says the company should be “ashamed” of themselves after the incident that took place when she visited the store with Rottweiler pup Bella and boyfriend Taylor Shevlin.

She claims that staff at the supermarket told them they weren’t allowed inside carrying her dog – despite the fact they maintain there was another dog walking around on a leash inside.

When asked why she couldn’t continue carrying around adorable Bella if the other dog was allowed, Kendall says she was told “your dog is a dangerous breed so you’ll have to leave”.

t is Asda’s policy not to allow amy pets into their stores – apart from guide dogs – but Kendall says she has previously seen the rules being ignored at her local store.

She is now in the process of filing a complaint to the supermarket following the incident – which took place at around 7pm on Friday.

Kendall told the Record: “Bella is just a new puppy – but we have two other dogs so we know what we’re doing.

“We only got her on Monday and she comes with us everywhere. We can’t leave her at home, we can’t leave her tied up outside, and we can’t leave her in the car – we literally have to take her everywhere.

“I know for a fact that, despite the rules, you can usually bring puppies into the Livingston store. I’ve seen people do it before.

“We even saw a Jack Russell dog on a leash walking along the aisle.”

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