Tales from HQ.

Apologies for a long overdue posting….so many dogs,cats and last week what happened ? even 4 Parrots!…Yesterday alone 42 missing pets in and over 5,000 alerts sent out to local helpers…to put it mildly I am pretty exhausted!

Even got to the stage yesterday of putting umlily  down as the name of a missing cat! I kid you not The lady that rang up when I asked her the name said Um lily I repeated it back  as thought I had misheard with a question tone in my voice is it um Lily? Yes I am told…then photo arrives and the cats name is Lily! ( I think we can all work out where the Um fits in).

I must have been one of the few who did not watch the royal wedding due to missing dogs and yes we had a missing dog called Harry in as well as a George…I was just waiting for a dog called Meghan or princess/Duchess to come in!

Glad to see the Petition has reached 80,000 of the 100,000 signatures needed…just another reminder…


A big welcome to new area Volunteer for  South Bucks …Sam Brooke…Thanks for joining us! What a lovely dog you have!

I had a little treat yesterday…My suede bottom salsa shoes arrived…Yes its time I got out a bit more and have some excercise! Since the heading photo  was taken last week I have barely left my room…missing the glorious weather completely…I dont think  the workload is going to reduce anytime shortly …but have to have some balance  and time off…I just hope the balance is there for me at Salsa classes! My size 8’s could cause some serious damage to an unsuspecting partner!

Also had another treat this week a little knitted dog came through the post to me…more about that later when I have some photos…






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