Tales from admin…

The reality of sending email alerts out for missing dogs…

In the last month 83,602 missing email alerts sent to our members to share….How is this done..automation? Well not really…here is the recipe…


1 collins postcode atlas.

1 wall mounted 3′ x 5′  map of london postcodes.

1 magnifying glass.

1 pen.

1 notebook.

Huge amounts of patience!



  1. Select dog , Open postcode atlas or refer to wall map if in London. Select postcode and use magnifying glass to locate place missing from….Check postcode is correct. Put a dot in the book/Map on the place name, write down all the postcodes surrounding that postcode within a specified distance.

2. Add to dogs profile all Postcodes to be notified in numerical order.

3. Open up admin pages…select dogs name…and manually select all the postcodes to be alerted one by one from the drop down list of Postcode areas. ( bear in mind this list runs into 1,000’s) If in London  you can be scrolling up and down like mad to encompass surrounding postcode areas…

4. Press send. Hopefully before the phone rings so you dont loose them all as admin logs out if  not active for a short amount of time.

This is why the need for the answerphone…As dont want to loose a mailing half way through…I am nearly always in the office and will phone back as soon as I can.

5. Repeat above process up to 30 plus times a day.


You can imagine how many postcode books we get through a year from wear and tear!




  1. Blogmod
    Blogmod 4 years ago

    Such a huge amount of work Jayne! Well done you (and members of the admin team) a huge part of spreading the word and getting so many lost dogs home!

  2. Avatar
    Reynard 4 years ago

    OMG! Hugh respect Jayne x

    1. Avatar
      Reynard 4 years ago


  3. Avatar
    CJ 4 years ago

    new slogan for the meerkats …..NOT SO SIMPLES

  4. Avatar
    Sara 4 years ago

    Wow, that is a lot of work – surely there are better ways to automate this to free yourself up? For instance, Google Maps will make a world of difference so you can get rid of your magnifying glass and physical map. There are so many new apps and processes that could seriously make this effortlessly easy so you can spend your time on much bigger things. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Jayne
      Jayne 4 years ago

      Ah yes I see what your mean but also its essential to see the geography of the area…For instance I am in Newport yet if I did a few mile search radius on line it would come up with Bristol postcodes….And as we know there is the Bristol channel in between….So we dont want to send alerts out to members when they are not in an area to help…We endeavour not to overload our members in boxes.
      Also we do different search areas dependent on Breed and area…ie inner London we just do the immediate postcodes as very unusual for a dog to go too far before being picked up…but if sighted we can expand to sending out alerts for those areas.
      Also we are limited to amount of emails to be sent out at one go…and in London we can easily go over the limit….
      In some rural areas where the postcode covers a large area we have to realise that some surrounding postcodes are literally miles and miles away from where dog went missing.

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