Tales from admin.

Custody cases…Where do I start?  The Bane of admin and co-ordinators!…we must get around 12 or more a month!

One of the partners registers their dog as missing ( we have no idea its a partnership issue)…we send out alerts …then get a very angry person ringing saying that person  knows where the dog is…Its with me….if only it were that simple! …No it never is… we get full details of what she/he has done…even though we say  we are not interested in the details and have no legal juristiction in these matters…we advise them to speak to CAB, police etc…but also state before we switch to unknown then we have to inform the person who registered the dog…

You all know whats coming next…I ring person who reported the dog to say do you know this person…which is always yes…then they give their version of what happened….Not that I have asked them…so I get full details of  what went wrong  in the relationship…what he/she did…In between I am repeatedly saying I dont need to hear…just want to establish the dogs is safe  and advise on how you must resolve this…Now the more I say I am not interested in hearing the details as just going by facts ( ie not a missing dog as such…as you know the whereabouts) the more the “victim” needs to explain…( banging head against wall time again!)

The things I have heard over the years is unreal…so unreal sometimes I have had to say sorry what did you just say?-Fatal error…they talk for another 15 minutes!

Anyone else from other missing pet groups and helpers getting the same problems?



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