Tales from Admin…

My Head hurts!

All my co-ordinators know my least favourite phone call is one that  after I have picked up the phone and  replied DogLost and asked how I can help…The person ringing responds with  ” Well its like this like”…..you would be surprised how many I get!

Firstly… never been able to work out what that means and over the years and scores of similar phone calls…I still cannot!   Only conclusion I can come to from experience is…this is going to be hard work…and it always is!…You would think from the statement ” its like this like” you were going to be given facts…Never happens!  🙂

Just yesterday…..

After saying its like this like…caller paused and said I dont know where to begin….I asked” is it about a lost dog or a found dog?”..They reply a lost dog….I ask ” is it your dog”…reply no….”Is it a friends dog”…reply no…”Is it a dog you have seen on FB or Doglost or on a poster?” …reply no….”Do you have the dogs name,breed,postcode”…reply no….At this time I have to say to caller “do you have anymore information please as I dont know which dog you are calling about”…reply is …the one in my flat!

Okay we are getting somewhere here ( I think)…”so you have a found dog?”…reply no its lost!…but not really as it lived here until yesterday! ( totally confused by now!)… head banging against the wall time again!

Okay  after many more questions (so many more)… worked out caller had just moved into the flat Yesterday….previous people had moved out with the dog that caller must have seen when she viewed the property?…obviously escaped in the move and turned up at what he/she thought was still their home?

…wait for it…it goes on and on….So established caller had a found dog…so I go into my mode of what breed, colour,sex etc…..so at least I could put it on the website….could not answer any…except to say its their dog and I know who they are!  so asked if  caller  had contacted them…caller  said they  had and they were not interested….I asked did they say this? reply well they did not answer the phone so obviously not….

Tried to explain that they may be out frantically looking for the dog?

Caller said they had rung the RSPCA,Police, Dogstrust  (as she could not keep the dog…but I guess did not explain to them )… They all said ring Doglost!  Thanks guys!  Obviously you had the same problem with the caller!

Found  a local rescue ( authorised to take in dogs out of hours by the council)  and gave caller their number but explained probably best to say to them I have found a dog and have been given your number ….rather than …all the above!

Welcome to admin!






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