Tables turned as St Bernard needs mountain rescue

A St Bernard has been rescued after collapsing while walking down England’s highest mountain.

Members of the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) went to four-year-old Daisy’s aid on Scafell Pike.

A team spokesman said Daisy had been showing signs of pain in her legs and was refusing to move.

St Bernards are traditionally on the other side of such mercy missions – they were originally bred to rescue people in the Italian and Swiss Alps.

Friday’s operation, which involved 16 members of the MRT, took five hours as rescuers carried Daisy on a stretcher over obstacles including a waterfall.

Six rescuers carry stretcher with Daisy on it overlooking lake
Daisy was taken down the mountain to Wasdale

The spokesman said: “The team rescues canine casualties around a dozen times every year but this was the first time a St Bernard breed has been rescued by the team.

“Daisy was a four-year-old female but still a massive dog.

Rescuers carry Daisy across a waterfall
Image captionObstacles that had to be negotiated included a waterfall

“Daisy was in fact a rescue dog and extremely placid and compliant, which was a bonus for the stretcher-carry off the mountain.

“It was important to get Daisy off the mountain quickly as the weather was due to deteriorate later that evening.”

No details have been released about Daisy’s owner.

Daisy on stretcher being carried
The rescue involved 16 team members and took five hours

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